Click the image or right here for more phonics and other lessons to do over zoom with preschool, PreK, and kindergarten. Shenzhen Teach - Post ESL Resumes, Find Teaching Jobs, Get ESL/EFL Certification and Find Quality Teachers for your School. This post on Deceptively Educational has a great idea for learning site words by turning them into hopscotch using chalk on the playground. Word families work well when practicing phonics. Since the ending of all of the words in the word family is the same, the kids can play with the beginning letters to focus on the sounds they make. To use word families in a game, challenge the kids to come up with as many words as possible in a particular word family. Give them letter cards so they can build the words. For example, give the kids a card with "-ight" on it and additional letter cards. Kids could build bright, night, knight, flight, slight and several other words. Encourage the kids to use letter blends to better fit the first grade curriculum. Keep the sound, but switch the word. This game helps your first-graders to better understand how they can use one sound for different words. Write a word on the board that starts with a sound or letter you are working on. For example, write "block" for the letter "B." Ask the students to separate out the first sound as "ba." Erase the "lock" and ask who can come up with a new "ba" word. As the students say words such as "boy," "back" or "band," write the new words under the "B." For every 10 words that the students can come up with, they win a small prize such as a sticker. uno online more than 4 players